"The man behind this historical scientific instruments company"
Mr. AQ Chowdhury
Founder of AQC
The origin of AQ Chowdhury (AQC) is rooted in Laboratory Instruments. It began in Dhaka in 1948 when Mr. AQ Chowdhury, a well known journalist and former editor of the Assam Herald joined Ali Bhoy Ltd. as its Managing Director for the marketing of Radios and Cameras etc. Thereafter, Prof. Naresh Mitra of the Department of Physics, Dhaka University inspired AQ Chowdhury to establish the present company. In 1950 AQ Chowdhury., was formally registered as a company dealing in scientific products. By 1954 it was already known throughout Pakistan as the leading supplier of scientific instruments and chemicals, trading with international companies like Zeiss, Reichert, Leybold, E. Merck. Since then AQC made a major contribution to the growth of Science and Technology in this country.
AQC continued to expand its laboratory operations to industries as well. By 1960, it expanded to include surveying instruments in its product range. In 1970 it entered the field of nuclear instrumentation. Distributors in the meantime were appointed throughout Pakistan.
Agreements to manufacture microscopes in collaboration with Reichert, Austria and surveying instruments with Kern Switzerland were reached. A demonstration laboratory showing the performance of equipment marketed by AQC was established and the company liberally participated in science conferences and shows to promote the use of Science & Technology.
Recognizing the ever increasing need for new products and technologies, AQC initiated a formal Research and Development Department in 1989. This group eventually established “Plasma Plus+”, South Asia’s first Application Laboratory in Science & Technology.
Shimadzu Corporation known for Analytical instruments in Bangladesh has been a long time partner of AQC till 2016. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of SEM & TEM, JEOL Ltd. has been a partner of AQC since 90s.


Today, the company specializes not only in instruments but also in turnkey packages to set up Scientific Research Centers, Quality Control, Environmental and Science Teaching Laboratories. These packages include from the supply of equipment, to installation, maintenance and training of the work force.